[Home] What the caterpillar calls the end, we call it the butterfly.

Home is where we are excited to leave and yet reluctant to leave.

Where we always want to come back and yet afraid to be back.

Where things always go wrong yet everything seems alright.

Where we hate everyone but love everything.

Where we are relaxed and also agitated.

Where temper flares and love strengthens.

Where it begins and where it ends.

Where we truly feel home.

 On the other side, welcome to my blog.

I wrote reviews of anime and manga and also some games that I like.

I also write essays on certain topics that interest me.

Who am I? I am a medical student that is a hardcore introvert.

Also an anime and manga lover. Hopefully, I am not a weeb.

Hope you enjoy your visit at my blog, whether you come for the reviews or the essay.

Good day.