[Anime Review] Tsuki ga Kirei (As the moon, so beautiful)

Tsuki ga Kirei, or in English, As the moon, so beautiful, is a romance anime made by Feel. It was aired in April 2017. It has a total of 12 episodes, each 24 minutes.

Tsuki ga Kirei is an indirect way of saying I love you in Japan. Translated by Meiji era novelist and teacher, Natsume Soseki. He believes that two people in love do not need a direct word to convey their feelings. Personally, I find the English translation a little bit weird.  Why “As the moon, so beautiful”?

I personally would give the anime an 8/10. This anime is a nice anime for both male and female too.


The plot is good. The plot is generally very simple; two young teenagers falling in love with each other, growing closer and also further, like a tug of war. What makes the anime different is that the plot is very realistic. Well here is a little bit of spoiler that will not spoil you. Falling in love for the first time is funny and exciting. Whether it is in anime or in real life, first time holding hands, kissing, going on date, giving presents to each other etc are always awkward and heart-warming, nerve-wracking and lots of emotion jumbled up. This anime portraits the feeling nicely. Not exactly perfect but is close to perfection. It is these small moments that make the anime worth watching. And worth blushing alone for.

The only problem is that the anime has a slow pacing and watching it for relaxation might make you feel frustrated instead. If you are planning to watch this because you like harem anime, then this might not be your piece of cake. Marathoning it is also a bad idea because you will get bored fast enough. Watching one episode a day is ideal though since the subplot usually ends in one episode and there is absolutely no cliffhanger.

Animation: 8.5/10

I love the animation in this anime. The characters are pretty plain. But they are easily recognizable. It is hard to explain verbally but you will understand it once you watch it. I must say that the characters are designed nicely with high school students in mind. The backgrounds are very breathtaking. The animations are very solid and well done EXCEPT the background characters, ie the mob characters. I think they are done by CGI so their movement is a little bit awkward. But it is ok since they are just *decorations*

Songs: 8/10

I am not a big fan of anime soundtracks and such but I must say that the opening song is amazing. Combined with the animation, it is a great opening that DOES NOT spoil the show. Soundtracks are good too.

Voice actors: 8.5

The voice actors/actresses did a very good job.Azumi does sound like a high school student, so does Mizuno. I must praise the voice of Mizuno because there are a lot of scenes that are hard to voice. And she did it perfectly. Enough to steal a few drops of tears from your tears gland

[Spoiler Ahead]

Tsuki ga Kirei focuses on Kotaro Azumi and Akane Mizuno as the main characters. They became classmates for the first time during their third year at junior high school. Other notable side characters are Chinatsu Nishio, their classmate, and Takumi Hira, president of the track and field club. As time pass, they struggle to overcome their challenges to mature.

[What happens in?]

Episode One: “Spring and Hard Times”

It introduces the characters that are in and also the clubs that they are in. In the 2nd half, both Mizuno and Azumi went to a restaurant. Coincidentally, they were seated next to each other. When they return from getting drinks from the drink bar, they see their parents talking to each other. Mizuno asked Azumi to keep this a secret as it was embarrassing. Later in the show, they are in the same group for sports festival task groups, led by Takumi Hira. Azumi got into trouble later because he did not attend a meeting as he was not added to the Line group. Mizuno gave him her Line ID, marking a step in their relationship.

Episode Two: “A Handful of Sand”

It was school sports day. Azumi tried to appear cool in front of Mizuno but fell down during the run and injuring his hand. He met Chinatsu Nishio at the first aid tent. Mizuno’s friends suggested that Mizuno dates Takumi Hira. During equipment moving, Mizuno lost her potato sack that she squeezed when she was nervous. She was distracted and dropped her baton during the run. Azumi found the sack and returned it to Mizuno.

Episode Three: “Howling at the Moon”

Mizuno had her track meet and Azumi, his Hayashi practice. Mizuno’s phone went dead middle of the day and was unable to tell him the results of her track meet. They met during their way home. Azumi confessed to her at the shrine.

Episode Four; “Passing Shower”

They went on their school trip. Mizuno still had not given him an answer. She and Nishio met Azumi at a souvenir shop and was troubled by Nishio’s closeness with Azumi. Azumi asked Mizuno to meet in front of a departmental store. His phone was confiscated by a teacher. Mizuno waited for him in the rain. Desperate to tell Mizuno, he borrowed Nishio’s phone to call her, much to her distaste. They met up and she gave her her answer: yes.

Episode Five; “Kokoro”

Azumi and Mizuno decided to have some personal time in the library, as suggested by Azumi’s friend. Nishio was also in the library. She wanted to go to the same cram school as Azumi and Mizuno was mad about it. Azumi and Mizuno met in his friends’ shop and held hands for the first time. Nishio told Mizuno via Line that she had a crush on Azumi

Episode Six: “Run, Melos!”

They both fight their own battle; Mizuno her track field competition and Azumi, his novel writing. He was called by the publisher to meet up and was ecstatic about it. Later, he was told to give up on serious literature as he had no talent. Mizuno did badly in her competition. They both promised each other to work harder.

Episode Seven: “Hold Back Nothing When Taking Love”

Nishio invited her track and field club’s friends and Azumi to an amusement park. Mizuno’s friends tried to set her and Hira up. Azumi went up to Hira and told him that they were dating. Both of them went on to enjoy their time together and shared a kiss under the fireworks.

Episode Eight: “Vita Sexualis”

Mizuno went to watch Azumi’s Hayashi’s practice. Later, they went to a festival together. Mizuno skinned her toes while walking because she wanted to spend more time together. Azumi steeled himself to call Mizuno with her first name. They later shared a kiss at a bridge.

Episode Nine; “The Wind Rises”

Mizuno’s father announced that they might be moving to Chiba. Azumi’s parents voiced their concern about his studies. Mizuno had her track meet and Azumi went to watch her. he bought a 500yen program book with the only 1000yen note in his wallet. Hira suggested that Mizuno went to Koumei high school in Chiba. Mizuno told Azumi that she might be moving to Chiba via Line

Episode Ten; “The Setting Sun”

Mizuno went to the local festival with the members of track and field club. Azumi saw Hira confessing to Mizuno again and was agitated by that. They had a bad time together and Mizuno went home crying. In the 2nd half, Azumi decided to go to the same school as Mizuno.

Episode Eleven: “An Encouragement of Learning”

Azumi’s mother was not happy when she learned that Azumi wanted to go the Koumie High. She was furious when she heard that he was going to apply there with a girl. When they get home, Azumi got into a fight with his parents. Before the entrance exam, they went out for a date. Azumi gave her a handkerchief and Mizuno have him a hand-knitted scarf. His mother convinced the teacher to give Azumi a chance to apply to Koumei High although his grades are bad. He then set off to sit for the entrance exam.

Episode Twelve: “And Then”

He did not get into Koumie high but was accepted into the same school as Chinatsu Nishio. Nishio confessed to him and was rejected by him. Azumi and Mizuno went on a walk and Mizuno voiced her anxiety over their long-distance relationship and Nishio’s confession. She ran off crying after kissing him. On the day of the moving away, he did not go to meet Mizuno. Nishio showed Mizuno an online novel She realized that the novel was about her and Azumi. Nishio told Azumi that Mizuno wished to see her. He ran to the train station but only managed to see a glimpse of the train departing. He screamed at the air that he loved her. In the train, Mizuno finished reading the novel and at the ending of the novel, Azumi promised to love her forever.

The ending miraculously pulled an anti-5mm/s. the ending showed the progress of their long-distance relationship that is very cute. The very last shot showed them with their parents and their new-born baby in their arm.








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